Testimonials "The South County Montessori School [SCMS] provided my children with a safe, inclusive, and supportive climate, while delivering an excellent foundation of skills and knowledge that prepared them well for lifelong learning. The SCMS teachers engaged them in a wide range of educational activities that fostered their creativity, curiosity, interest in the world, and respect for others." -Winifred Brownell, Ph.D., Dean Emerita, College of Arts and Sciences, URI

"We have two children at SCMS, a Junior and a Transitioner, both of whom started at the school at age 3. We have had a fantastic experience with SCMS and feel it is truly a home away from home for our children. The most attractive feature of SCMS, to us, is the tenure of the teachers. There has been zero turnover in our 5 years with the school, aside from a few retirements of teachers who had committed their careers to SCMS. In an early childhood environment, that is rare and indicates to us that the teachers are treated well and are passionate about the school. In turn, that affects our children who have literally grown up with the same caring and skilled teachers. Another key feature to us is the use of physical materials for learning. Our children have practiced peeling carrots, combining droppers of water in different colors, counting with blocks and rods, practicing beadwork, dissecting owl pellets, and making atoms from play dough. This has made concepts like math and science real to them. SCMS offers a wonderful but simple summer camp too, which our children always prefer to the more fast-paced camp offerings outside of school. The extended childcare hours are also a real draw for working parents who would not be able to meet 4pm school bus dropoffs. We would recommend the school to anyone!"-Megan Swindal

"SCMS has been an important part of my family’s life over the past eight years. We have had two children progress completely through the program, from Primary (first three years) to Transition (kindergarten) through Juniors (1st to 3rd grade), and our youngest child will be entering the transition program this year. Each of my children are very different, with their own strengths and challenges, and they each thrived at SCMS. When my middle child was three, he used to play soccer on the playground almost every day (and there are many opportunities for a child to play outdoors at SCMS) and he loved it. The thing was that he would play with ‘big boys’ who were seven and eight and trying to play an actual game. Unasked, and without it being a big deal, these older children would graciously include my three-year-old in their play. As I watched them send him gentle passes or let him score, I thought that these were the kind of boys that I wanted mine to grow up to be like. We were so pleased with the Primary Program that we prioritized having our children continue through the Junior Program as well. During their time at SCMS, they benefited from experienced teachers and low student to teacher ratios. The Montessori approach taught my children focus, concentration, and self-discipline. They can initiate a task, engage with and finish it, and then put it away. The teachers were wise and patient and made the lessons engaging. We found that the Montessori approach is especially beneficial for math and science. My children love math. And finally, the mixed-age classrooms taught my children empathy and gave them an innate confidence in their abilities. Like those big boys on the playground, they learned how to care about others because of how SCMS taught them to see themselves. As a final example of the invaluable benefits of an SCMS education: even the youngest child learns how to nimbly dress themselves in a full snowsuit. This alone is worth the cost of tuition." -Autumn Oczkowski

"The moment I stepped into SCMS, I knew this would be the extended home for my children. The classrooms are welcoming, cozy, and full of sensory play, diverse literature, and engaging math and science areas. The outdoor playground is beautiful and something the children enjoy using several times throughout the day. I cannot say enough about SCMS's director, Jen, and the teachers. I have two children who have different learning styles. The teachers recognize and, more importantly, value the children as individuals. They are loving, passionate about their jobs, communicative about the children's social and academic progress, and always willing to take the time to teach each child at his/her skill level. They have instilled a strong sense of confidence and love of learning that I hope will continue throughout my children's academic journeys. As an added bonus, and from a practical perspective as a parent who works outside of the home, SCMS offers extended morning and afternoon care. Camp is available during the summer, which my children love. Camp days are fun-filled with arts and crafts, games, and water play. We are so appreciative to be part of this amazing community of teachers and families." -Stacy Hurley